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Upcoming Event- April Time Capsule

Oh the Book Barn

The Book Barn I went to yesterday

It was wonderful and magical, I must have to say

There was so many books, but it wasn't just that

Wherever you looked, there was a cat

There was Cali and Tiger.

There was Lucky and Tater

I said to them "I have to read now, I will pet you later"

I played chess with my mom and even though she won

It was just wonderful sitting out in the sun

We walked throught the garden and what did I see

A black cat named Frankie staring at me

There was a playhouse in the shape of a boat

Mom gave me a quarter so I could feed the goat

There was coffee and donuts, and these were all free

I then turned the corner and saw what I came to see

Magic Tree House books, there were tons on the shelf

I was so happy I could hardly contain myself

I had so much fun, I must have to say

I can't wait to come back another day

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Current Event- March Trivia Quiz

As our 25th year comes to a close, we'd like to invite you to join our celebration to kick off our next 25 years! The Book Barn will be burying a time capsule that holds items defining our 25 years on Sunday, April 27th at the Main Store, 41 West Main St. We plan to dig it up in 25 years! We will also host a hotdog cookout that day, and there will be an interactive Book Barn Timeline for you to enjoy! Please bring your items to add to the time capsule to the Main Store desk.

Our Poet Laureate

Sumbitted by Owen, Grade 2


Welcome to the Book Barn's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

We here at the Book Barn know that our success over the past 25 years is largely due to our loyal fans and our invaluable staff. Help us celebrate this massive achievement by joining in the fun, or by submitting your favorite Book Barn memories to our website.


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