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How well do you know The Book Barn? Take our trivia quiz and find out! Grab pen and paper or click the icon to the right to print out your own. 

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Multiple Choice:

1. At one point Fiction, Mystery, Horror and Science-Fiction paperbacks all fit in just one room. Where was that room?

a. The Last Page


b. The Haunted


c. The Annex


d. Ellis Island

2. What was the largest number of cats we've ever had at The Book Barn?

a. 12


b. 8


c. 24


d. 15

3. What other kind of animal has lived in our goat pen?

a. Donkey


b. Alpaca


c. Sheep


d. Dragon

4. What building was the most recent addition to the Main Barn?

a. Last Page


b. Hades


c. The Haunted 


d. The Annex

5. What type of shop was in the Main Barn before we arrived?

a. Yarn Store


b. Antique Shop


c. Wood Tool Workshop


d. Elvis Memorabilia Collection

6. What is the #1 most requested book?

a. Anarchist's Cookbook


b. 50 Shades of Grey


c. To Kill a Mockingbird


d. Dating for Dummies

7. The Book Barn is truly a family business. During his very first day at the Barn, how many times was Randi's son fired?

a. 14


b. 3


c. 0


d. 6

8. What original farm building once stood where the PB & Jellyfish shack now sits?

a. Outhouse


b. Smokehouse


c. Granary


d. Greenhouse

Fill in the blanks:

9. We've had two orange cats. What were/are their names?


1. ____________________



2. ____________________

10. What year did we open the Downtown location?







11. What year was there a fire at the Main Barn?







12. What historic New York landmark shares a name with our buying area?







13. Whatyear did the Book Barn expand into the upper two floors of the Main Barn?







14. What breed of cat was Downtown Frank?







15. Randi, the Book Barn owner, has quite the history with family-run businesses. Which Connecticut pizza restaurant did his family own?







16. What kind of store was located at the Midtown location before we arrived?







Choose all applicable:

17. Before the turtles moved into Downtown, what kind of animals lived there?

__ Fish


__ Guinea Pigs


__ Cat





18. What are the names of the six resident goats, past and present?

__ Binx


__ Toffee


__ Sarah


__ Jane


__ Gonzo

__ Trick


__ Buffy


__ Finn


__ Huck


__ Treat

19. What were the owner's jobs before the Book Barn?

__ Pizza maker extraordinare


__ Professional scuba diver


__ Nurse


__ Veterinarian


__ Librarian

20. There used to be an upper level of the Haunted. What section(s) did we used to keep there?

__ Romance


__ Horror


__ Sci-Fi


__ Fiction


__ Cookbooks

21. What sections are found in both our Midtown and Main Barn locations?

__ Fiction


__ Education


__ Romance


__ Mysteries


__ Childrens


__ Westerns

22. Which food is ordered most often by our staff?

__ Ice cream


__ Pizza


__ Chinese food


__ Tacos


True or False:

23. The Midtown location opened in 1998.

__ True


__ False



24. There used to be stairs to the basement inside of the Main Barn.

__ True


__ False



25. At one point in time, a six-headed Hydra, an albino python, owls, and llamas all lived together at the Book Barn.

__ True


__ False



26. The outhouse original to the farm is now used as a bookcase.

__ True


__ False



27. In the early years of the Book Barn, we used to sell assorted items that were NOT books.

__ True


__ False



28. We often have school groups visiting our stores. One year, the owner's daughter took a school field trip to the Book Barn. 

__ True


__ False




Who was the best employee we ever had?


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