Buying Policy

How does it work?

The Where: We buy books every day outside at the Main Barn location.  No appointment is necessary; it is first come, first serve.  If there is ANY inclement weather we have VERY limited buying space and request you come a different day or, if that is not possible, limit your books to either two bags or one box per vehicle.  

The When: We buy books all year round from 11am to 6pm.  We are open 363 days a year, and if the weather is clear, we are buying books.  

The How:

When you arrive, please park and leave your books in your car.  Walk to the buying tables and speak to an employee. We'll ask you how many bags/boxes you have and to take a number.  The numbers  are orange paddles to your left. We'll provide further instructions and supply you with a wagon when we call your number. 


We can't guarantee that we'll take every book, but we will take anything we believe we can sell.  We will make you an offer of a check or store credit (20% more) for what we can use.

During our winter hours from October 15th through April 14th,  checks are only available Saturday through Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays offers are made in store credit only. 

Inclement Weather:



We are limited by the whims of Mother Nature! If it is raining or snowing, we buy ONE box or TWO bags per car.


If it is raining or snowing:

  1. Start at the Main Barn

  2. Head to the main register inside

  3. Speak to an employee and they will give you further instructions regarding selling books in inclement weather.


Due to the unpredictability of rain and snow, it may take us a little longer to buy books. Please be prepared to spend an extra bit of time with us!

What kinds of books do we buy?

Because of the sheer volume of books we look through each week, we are selective in our book choices. Our inventory changes day-to-day and hour-by-hour, so what we need changes, too. 


We pride ourselves in running an ethical business and we deal in books in a professional and fair manner. We can't buy everything that comes our way, simply because we've run out of places to put them! 


We'll do our best to take what we can from each seller, but whatever we can't use must go home with you. We can provide directions to our favorite donation centers.


There are a few types of books we never buy: ​

  • Encyclopedias

  • Ex-Library Stock

  • Harlequin, Regency or Love-Inspired Romances

  • Magazines

  • Reader's Digest Condensed

  • Textbooks

  • Books that have water damage and/or mold

  • Tapes of any variety (VHS, cassette, etc.)


Otherwise, we are happy to take a look (as long as books are clean and in good condition)!


How much do we pay for books?

The amount we pay for books varies greatly.  Our offers are made using a sliding scale, based on the value the book will be sold at.  If we believe we can sell the book for a higher price, we will pay you more.  Below are some examples of what we do buy:


  • Hardcover & trade-sized fiction

  • Mass-market (pocket) paperbacks

  • Hardcover & trade-sized nonfiction

  • Children's chapter & picture books

  • Audiobooks

  • DVDs & Blu-Ray

  • Comic books/Graphic Novels

Interested in store credit? Store credit is worth 20% more than the check offer and is valid at all four locations! Store credit never expires, but we do not keep records of them; if a store credit slip is lost we cannot replace it. 

Do we accept donated books?

YES! We are always happy to accept donated books; we receive wonderful stock this way every week and are grateful for the help! You may bring books in to donate any day of the week between 11am and 6pm. No processing is necessary, just speak to an employee! We do not accept donations of books that we decided not to purchase. You must choose to either sell or donate.

Do we buy during the winter?

We buy books 363 days a year, winter included. Buying hours are still 11am-6pm at our Main Barn location.




Main Barn 860.739.5715

Downtown 860.691.8078

Chapter Three 860.739.0277



41 West Main St

Niantic, CT



Open Everyday of the Week,

11.00 a.m.

to 6.00 p.m.


We BUY books, all year, weather permitting: 11am-6pm

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Friendly, on-leash dogs are always welcome at the Main Barn and Chapter Three. (Downtown is pet-free and allergen-free).