The Haunted

The story behind the name...

This wonderful two-story building started out as Mrs. Book Barn’s Halloween Party Spot.


One bright spring day, Mr. Book Barn approached the beautiful Mrs. Book Barn and said; “ My beautiful wife, would it be okay if I were to store some boxes of books in your Halloween Barn, just until more shelves can be built?” The charming and yes, we dare say again, beautiful Mrs. Book Barn looked lovingly at her husband and said; “Of course my tired and overworked husband, you may store your boxes there!”


---Flash forward to today ---


The Haunted Book Barn is located way back behind the gardens, and is guarded by a herd of unruly cats. The Haunted supposedly belongs to Mrs. Book Barn, but we assert squatter’s rights. ---ahem, storage, right? So now the Haunted holds the second portion of the alphabetically-filed mysteries and thrillers. The second floor is again only used for storage.


There is some debate as to whether The Haunted is really Haunted. There have been a number of people who believe they felt or saw something in The Haunted. Others, however, have left The Haunted with nary a paranormal twinge, we invite you to come see for yourself.

You'll find these subjects in the Haunted:
  • Antiques & Collectibles

  • Crafts (excluding fiber arts)

  • Fashion

  • Fine & Leather Bindings

  • Furniture

  • Home Construction

  • Interior Design

  • Poetry

  • Sustainable Construction

  • Woodworking


Main Barn 860.739.5715

Downtown 860.691.8078

Chapter Three 860.739.0277



41 West Main St

Niantic, CT



Open Everyday of the Week,

11.00 a.m.

to 6.00 p.m.


We BUY books, all year, weather permitting: 11am-6pm

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Friendly, on-leash dogs are always welcome at the Main Barn and Chapter Three. (Downtown is pet-free and allergen-free).