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Book Buying Policy

How does it work?

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The Where

We buy books every day outside at the Main Barn location.  No appointment is necessary; it is first come, first serve.  If there is ANY inclement weather we will NOT be buying books.    

The When

We buy books all year round from 11am to 6pm.  We are open 363 days a year, and if the weather is clear, we are buying books.  

The How

When you arrive, please park and leave your books in your car.  Walk to the buying tables and speak to an employee. We'll ask you how many bags/boxes you have and then provide further instruction.  When it is your turn we will supply you with a wagon if you need one. While waiting to sell, please do not crowd the buying table. Wear your mask and keep a proper distance from the other visitors.


We can't guarantee that we'll take every book, but we will take anything we believe we can sell.  We will make you an offer of a check or store credit (20% more) for what we can use.

Used Books

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